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<strong>IRON KINGDOM</strong> is Athlete Approved
  • Who we Are

    Underline DD Sports Nutrition is a proud independent Canadian company with an extensive background in Sports Nutrition that prides itself in providing athletes with premium, transparent, effective and great tasting formulas.

    IRON KINGDOM signifies everything you should expect in a quality Supplement brand and one that you can trust.
  • Our Commitment to You

    Underline DD Sports Nutrition is committed to providing effective and safe supplements.

    As a result, all of DD Sports Nutrition products are strictly manufactured in facilities that are CGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) and Health Canada Site Licensed compliant. DD Sports Nutrition users can be rest assured that for every step of the manufacturing process, quality control standards are in place to ensure that all product specifications are met.
  • What we Stand For

    Underline • Safe and effective formulas
    • Key Ingredients supported by clinical research
    • High efficacy dosages
    • Transparent labeling
    • Real people, real athletes, authentic users
  • What we won't Stand For

    Underline • Mass produced, corporately driven supplements
    • Over-hyped marketing and false claims
    • Proprietary blends
    • Misleading labeling i.e. "70 SERVINGS" = high servings, low efficacy
  • Train withe heart of a lion